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Writing content is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. For too long, search marketers have undervalued the importance of creating content of staunch quality but with changes to Google's algorithm ignoring this skill is no longer an option. Maddy walks you through what it actually means to write well. By using concrete examples of how you should and should not construct your online content Maddy gives you a clear path toward being a better writer. All of this positions you to be able to bring in more organic traffic and more revenue.
So much web content ends up in the ever-growing landfill of content that we call the internet. How do you end up standing above the noise? Maddy’s “Writing for Humans and Robots: The New Rules of Content Style” prescribes a no-frills approach to web content writing that’s very needed to anyone who works in the digital world.
I've had the pleasure of knowing Maddy and following her work for the better part of a decade now, and her approach to creating content that actually helps people is unrivaled in the content marketing space. In an industry that's so painfully saturated with cynical tacticians just looking for a quick win and the next paycheck, I've always found Maddy's thoughtful level of care and attention to detail a welcome breath of fresh air. Her guidance on strategically balancing your writing for both human readers & the search engines of the world, is spot-on if you want to create content that'll stand the test of time.
Maddy has long been my go-to for producing high-quality content people like to read, and that bots rank highly on search engines. It’s a rare skill combination and she explains exactly how to do it in this book. It’s a competitive advantage few would give away, and that any writer, content marketer, or person who wants their content to be found on the internet should read and implement ASAP.”
Unlike so many books that are full of fluff, “Writing For Humans and Robots” is down to business immediately. Within 10 minutes, I'd taken loads of notes. It was immediately clear how much we are missing from our style guide, despite building our blog for 6+ years. The book is so practical that you could copy and paste much of it into your own style guide. I'm considering making “Writing For Humans and Robots” part of our writer onboarding. It's essentially a manual of everything you need to know to create good content, but also why those things are important. Whether you're brand new or have been producing content for years, you'll take something away from this book that will result in better content. I'm excited for how much this is going to improve my own writing, and the consistency of content produced by our writers.
This book is legit! “Writing for Humans and Robots” is the kind of style guide I wish someone would have pointed me to when I started editing online content in 2007. Have you ever found yourself struggling with following the writing “rules”? Well, many of those rules don’t apply online. And I love that Maddy calls some of those out in this book (check out Chapter 3). Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m wondering how Maddy downloaded so many of these great tips and guidelines from my brain! It’s taken me nearly 20 years, writing and editing at multiple search marketing publications, to learn all of this stuff. Lucky you, you can just read this book to get the knowledge you need to start creating some fantastic content. Right now. I’ll surely be pointing plenty of writers and editors toward this book.
Content writing for the modern age requires style. As a smart content marketer, Maddy Osman teaches respect for the reader with relevant and well-constructed copy, rather than serving forgettable lightweight fluff. As a word lover whose goal is to make content easy to consume, she does not discriminate. Whether for humans or for robots, her style guide mindset caters to the practical and technical requirements of readership. The complete style guide for writers, marketers, and branding pros who favor substance over fluff, and who want to connect, rather than confuse. And when I say "complete," check out Maddy's appendix and resource section. Her innovative book is a seriously strong reference manual for writing better.
Writing for Humans and Robots: The New Rules of Content Style helps you strike the balance between creating content that connects with readers and satisfies search engines. It provides a clear path through the messy process of content creation, from developing a style guide to telling stories and measuring results. Throughout, Maddy takes you through each step of her process while referencing real-world situations encountered during her time running The Blogsmith. Maddy's writing style is energizing, and the content is straightforward with practical advice you can apply immediately. Writing for Humans and Robots should be required reading for any content marketing professional.
This book is making me a better writer! I've been blogging since before blogging was a word, but I've ALWAYS struggled with consistency in my formatting and writing style. Now, as a course creator, consistency is really important throughout my programs. Writing for Humans and Robots is helping me put together my own content style guide so that my content is consistent from blog post to blog post and program to program. Whether you're creating content alone or with a team, you need to grab your copy of Writing for Humans and Robots!
I’ve always turned to Maddy to answer all my social media and SEO content questions. She has such a unique way of breaking down overwhelmingly complex information into simple concepts. This book is the perfect embodiment of all her expertise and skill! 10’s across the board!
Maddy brings to the table a vast knowledge of how content and SEO work together. Writing for Humans and Robots helps outline and simplify the world of content creation in a way that makes it simple and straightforward for all to understand in a thoughtful and well-constructed manner. Nearly every company needs to create engaging content to be successful online, but it won’t do any good if it can’t be found. If you read this book, you’ll learn how to create content that matches what your audience is looking for and can earn top visibility in organic search results. Maddy’s years of experience shine through with this guide that will help you navigate the world of writing for both humans and robots.
Consider Writing for Humans and Robots a modern-day Elements of Style that picks up where most writing guidelines, like the AP Stylebook, fall short. Maddy Osman teaches online writers how to create concise, visually appealing, and compelling content for our contemporary world. I found the book to be loaded with practical style and grammar tips as well as essential online writing strategies – such as guidelines for headline writing, keyword selection, and link strategies. Maddy’s writing guidelines are exactly what today’s 21st-century writers have been desperately searching for and need most.
As someone who is in the habit of creating 4-5 pieces of content a week, I understand the frustration of not gaining traction, even when putting in the effort. Maddy’s advice (especially on writing headlines) is incredibly valuable. I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s now something I keep handy for the pieces of content I really want to make sure do well.

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